Skill Academy

Welcome to the Skill Academy! Her Game instructor Asad Khan is creating short video clips that focus on both beginner and advanced skills. The player can view these instructional videos on our website and social media pages to use as an educational resource, and also to get a feel for the elite training we offer. For the beginners, basic drills will cover dribbling, receiving, and driving. Repetitive practice of these basics will ensure proper technique is learned. Asad will also stress the importance of confidence building and mental attitude for the younger, developing player and how key it is to the player’s success. For the advanced players, the focus will be on more complex drills that combine several elements to produce a real game like situation. Eliminations, 3D skills, and scanning are just a few of the higher level aspects that will be discussed. We hope these videos will take your game to the next level, and prepare you for a new season of success!