OBO Skinny Thing


Player Benefits
• New three fiber matrix construction formula with fully integrated carbon, aramid and basalt
• Improved control provided by energy absorbing basalt
• Excellent energy transfer when hitting
•IFA to absorb initial ball contact and provide a softer feel
• Jumbow blade profile

NANO Technology
It is the combination and integration of the Carbon Nano Tubes within the resin mix combined with our GRAYS composite fiber matrix construction on Nano models that increases the unidirectional qualities of the sticks performance.
Carbon Nanotube matrix

Resin matrix reinforced with GRAYS Carbon Nanotube Technology. The same ply with GRAYS CNT, strengthens and toughens the matrix.

The Carbon Nanotube (CNT)
When integrated within the mix of the stick resin, these minute sized Carbon Nano Tubes allow for greater strength in the bond of the resin itself on the surface of the reinforcing fibers.

Lengths in Inches: 35″
Colors: Silver Reinforcement Materials: Carbon, Basalt, & Aramid
Weight: M
Headshape: Maxi
Head Face: IFA
Power Rating: Xtra Stiff
Blade Profile: Jumbow
Balance Point: 37.5cm
Handle Construction: Standard

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