In addition to our inventory shown online, we also have a full selection of more exclusive sticks, turf shoes and socks, player equipment (goggles, masks, mouth guards), apparel and novelty items.

The only one size fits all sports and fitness training aid!

Training Lace

  • Build Strength and Increase Power
  • Flexible, Adaptable, and Versatile
  • Comfortable Foam Sleeve absorbs impact
  • Safe on skin, no chaffing
  • 8 ounce is $27.99

Need a new helmet? We are now the only retailer in the United States to carry custom made helmets by Promasque!

Promasque Features

  • Custom hand-made lamination for Field Hockey Keepers, lightweight at approx 2 pounds 10 Ounces.
  • Extremely well balanced on the head, not “front heavy” like many masks.
  • Laminated with Carbon Graphite Composite, bulletproof Kevlar, and various weights of fiberglass, for an extremely lightweight, yet extraordinarily still mask shell. NO Plastic!
  • Production limited to 250 masks per year for best quality control and customer service.
  • Six different mold sizes to fit every possible face.
  • Exclusive “Pro-Air” air bag fitting system for perfect custom fit.
  • Hand- made .87 gauge stainless steel Tig Welded wire face cage.
  • Five ridge forehead design for maximum deflection of shots
  • Adjustable “set back” chin cup for suspension in the chin/protection against hard shots and collisions.
  • Ridged backplate design with air pocket in padding for maximum protection.
  • Full reconditioning programs with *Loaner masks available to keep the mask up and running for years.
  • Any single color mask available at no additional charge.
  • Full custom artwork available, by the best mask artist in North America.
  • Full 2 year warrantee on mask shell and cage welds.
  • Celebration the 50th year of mask making in our family.